Sunday, January 16, 2011

And now, MY HOUSE!

Well, enough about Rimram and Tchoffldayl and all that! Back to the important things, like me, the King!!

Here is a picture of my house, Castle Cruton. Set above my capital city of Cruton, it is the largest single building in all of Crutonia. In addition to housing my wife and I and Cactus, our youngest, It is home to many other court officials. It also contains Cafe Cruton, a lovely eating establishment
open to the public, indoor gardens, a dance hall (Okford Ominous conducts) and the ACK, the Archive of Crutonian Knowledge, lots of books or something. Anyhoo... here it is! Splendid!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rimram's mansion, Tchoffldayl

Haha! So here is my brother Rimram's mayoral mansion in Tchoffldayl. I can only imagine the fun he gets up to there! Oh and by the way, my new niece's name is Herimon. So Herimon Snorsmed, newest member of my fabulous family! ta ta for now!