Thursday, June 24, 2010

Creature of the Week... Stampede!

Well, as I think I mentioned earlier, my darling queen was once killed by one of these fellows... They live up north on the high plains, mostly standing around until they get hungry, then well they run en-mass until they find something to trample to death, do so and then lick up the remains!

Believe me when I say that we were lucky to come across a lone one, otherwise yours truly would probably not be here either!

Well, anyway on with my description... I am told that the mating ritual of the stampede involves two of the creatures rubbing against each other... remarkable! They don't do this often, though, due to chaffing. After a short gestation, the young exit the adults via their mouths... these then follow behind the herd and eat leftovers.

Stampedes themselves are quite delicious, and are hunted by the bungali amongst others for their meat... The young make an especially delicious dish called "stampanini" Oh! that reminds me! Time for lunch! Ta ta!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Palace Staff, Part 1

My Chief of staff is an excellent fellow named Hoobs. He lives in the castle with his wife Rimit. Hoobs served honorably in two of the Crutonian wars, and I trust him fully. He has two sons that are upstanding citizens, Prink and Ibleswich. Prink runs one of the best restaurants in Cruton, Prink’s Chop House, and his brother Ibleswich is the proprietor of the Whotel Who, an upscale inn also located in Cruton. Both of his sons and their establishments will be a focus of future entries.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Princess Pooleene

And here is my lovely daughter, the Princess Pooleene... She governs the principality of Arkadia with her shiftless husband the Erbian Prince Hades Skratch, she keeps a tight leash on him though! She only married him to keep Crutonia from falling under Erbian rule when things looked bad in the Pitto-Erbian War. Ha ha! Such a clever girl... she didn't let him know she had given up her right to the throne until afterwards! Meanwhile her half-brother, Cactus is the direct heir... but more on him later... Bye for now my subjects!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cruton, the capital of Crutonia

As I am sure you all know, I reside in Crutonia’s capital city, Cruton. It is a glorious place as any of you lucky enough to live there or visit. As indicated on the map with a purple circle, Cruton is located in central Crutonia next to the Zigzag River and the Great reservoir. It is the largest city in our magnificent land.

The city itself is made up of eight neighborhoods. Color coded on the drawing shown here, the neighborhoods are Cruton Hill (light blue), Palace Heights (yellow), Bordenburg (lilac), Reservoir Terrace (green), Chirlee Slope (pink), Splendid Gardens (orange), Keebletown (yellow-green), and Whoohookis (red).

Cruton Hill is where Parliament is located, as well as the superb Whotel Who, Prink’s Chophouse, the marketplace and the sporting arena. The rest of the districts are mostly residential, with several businesses mixed in. Several of the most prominent Cruton residents live in Palace Heights, the culture-centric croazyn frogs and yoons tend to settle in Whoohookis, and the more provincial citizens are found in Keebletown.

I of course reside in the castle just adjacent to the city, along with my Queen, the crown prince, and my loyal staff. I will be sure to present them all grandly in a future post.

Queen Abloonee

Ah! Abloonee... My darling Queen! She once got killed by a creature called a trampleen, but we were able to bring her back to life with the aid of the sorceress Clytemnestra...
Haven't seen HER for a while... I wonder where she's got to?

Sunday, June 13, 2010