Monday, October 4, 2010

Tchoffldayl, Gem of the Pillar Mountains!

So here is Tchoffldayl, where my brother Rimram is the mayor... I just told you about him, I hope you were paying attention!

Tchoffldayl is located in the Southwestern peninsula of Crutonia, deep in the heart of the Pillar Mountains. It sits on an island in the Thimblewind River, and due to this location is an important trading hub. It's local economy is based mainly in Eblixxer, an alcoholic spirit made by the Eebloo, Hashnuts, Gooch Cigars and Tchelo, a naturally occurring goo that is quite delicious.

Many prominent citizens also live in Tchoffldayl, including the distinguished Gort family, Crisen the healer (Antana's brother) as well as Jerribonal Jorb, a member of the exclusive Alphebeta Club. I have never really been able to pin down what it is exactly he does... something in trade I believe. Well, Rimram says he is quite splendid, and a big help in keeping things in order.

It can be quite a wild place, or at least it was in my youth, when last I visited. I suppose I shall find out for myself if it has changed much as I will be obliged to make a Royal visit to see my new niece!

Alright, ta for now!

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