Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mushrooms of the majestic forest!

A very splendid site is located just East of my most glorious castle. It is the Great Mushroom Forest, a brilliant landscape as one can imagine. Unlike many of my lands other rich and fantastic forests, this one is unique since the main planty residents are the giant proud mushrooms. While the mushrooms are found throughout the Great Mushroom Forest, they are the most dense within a pocket of this forest called the Great Grove.

While these mushrooms are a slow growing plant, they can grow quite large! Our Crutonian ancestors harvested these giants to build the houses currently found in Cruton and Bungaliville, and we still harvest mushrooms to build new domiciles and add-ons. The harvesting methods are quite fascinating! The mushrooms are cut at the base and the spongy innerds are scooped out. The husk is processed and hardened in a technique called domotashen. In addition, the core of the mushroom is edible and can be made into loaves or used as a stuffing. There are many local dishes! While mushmash and toasted mushloaf are a bit too unsophisticated for my tastes, we all enjoy mushroom stuffed poorkon every once in a while in the castle.

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