Monday, January 2, 2012

The flumps and the Flumpé

I have mentioned the Flumpé, and how it is quite the tourist attraction in Bungaliville. So, I will elaborate more here and talk about the creatures that are the focus of the Flumpé, the flumps!

The flumps spend a good part of the time at Flump point, which is located near the Salty Hills. This area is rich in a unique plant life called salty hill pikuls, which is a sweet succulent. Flump spend their time in this area feeding, gaining body fat, and grooming. It is a jolly lazy vacation for the flumps!

Each season, the whole flump herd makes a cross Crutonia swim, called the Flumpé. This journey is very treacherous and upstream and many flumps don’t survive. Poor unfortunate fellows! Many tourists come to see the Flumpé, especially in Bungalliville. It is rather curious seeing these creatures swim against the current, and the determination that the flumps have in this effort is quite impressive. This journey takes the flumps at least a turn of the two moons.

The destination of the Flumpé is a small, remote island called Flump Haven. This place is ideal for the flumps to birth their helpless offspring, called lumplings, since this remote island offers protection. The flump stay at Flump Haven and raise their little lumplings. Eventually, the lumplings are strong and sturdy enough to make the swim back to Flump Point, where the salty hill pikuls are replenished.

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