Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Aquarius Mountain and the Mandrian Lake

One of the most impressive sites in Central Crutonia, outside of my splendid castle, is the Aquarius Mountain. This natural wonder is a huge waterfall covered mountain located in in the middle of Mandrian Lake. Along the surface of the mountain, there are creatures called Mandrian and Elusian, as well as braleet plants and other water loving vegetation. Within the small crevasses of the mountain dwell small egg-laying creatures called conshahawkun. These little conshahawkun often find themselves as components of fine cuisine, and their brine too! The Mandrian Lake has several river ways that feed in and out of this body of water, and for this reason it is a major passageway for boat travel. While the Aquarius Mountain is mostly wild and undeveloped, the northern face is the location of Grevoldo’s Grotto.

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