Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Bungal Forest

Crutonia has a number of wonderful forests. One of these is the Bungal Forest, which is a wide swath of forest stretching from the Crutonian Bay to the Western end of the Zigzanthium Mountains, and from the central plains to Mandrian Lake.

The Bungal Forest has several interesting sub-regions including the Bungal Downs, Praggle Pit and the Jumbit Woods. The Bungal Downs contain small, rolling hills, with the city of Bungaliville at the most Southern edge. The downs are slightly elevated, providing a dryer area in comparison to the swampland and river terrain located proximally to it.

Bungaliville is a large settlement on the bank of the Mandrian Lake, with modified Cruton-style mushroom architecture containing tall towers and numerous balconies. The town is populated by bungali, with equal numbers of other city creatures that include bordaden, braxxon, and shemoybl. Bungalliville is one of my larger trade and manufacturing cities, producing refined sugar and confections, pottery, and a number of other products. With fine restaurants and inns, the city is also a popular tourist destination. I do enjoy a holiday within this fine town!

Another feature found in the Bungal Forest is Praggle Pit, an ancient rocky crater that has become overgrown with plant life. Praggle Pit is home to a significant number of scabee, thereby making this a dangerous region. These creatures are quite a vicious horror, I will have to make a separate post on them.

The Jumbit Woods is located in the Northeast corner of the Bungal Forest, and is more densely overgrown in comparison to the rest of the Forest most notably due to the presence of Jumbit trees. The foliage of the jumbit tree forms a tangled lattice, creating a terrain that is difficult to traverse. This part of the forest is a bit of a labyrinth, with dark spaces created by the entangled vine-like branches. This maze provides shelter to native creatures such as the jumfum but can lead to unprepared travelers becoming quite lost.

Several very interesting citizens live within the Bungal Forest, most of which reside in the town on Bungaliville. Others include the zoobotanist Tzopatz, who lives in a tree house on the Northern edge of the Bungal Forest. She lives in general isolation so she can concentrate on her work, which includes flora-fauna grafting.

In addition to the city of Bungaliville, there is another town within the forest, the eta colony Fjnkswell. This town is known as the ship-building center of the Bay, and is a main post for travelers to and from the Crutonian Bay islands.

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