Thursday, December 29, 2011

Braleet – a plant of great altitude and dampness

As a frequent sight on the cliffs of Aquarius Mountain, the braleet is a common plant of sunny and humid regions. This plant is also located in other regions of Crutonia with similar terrain, including the hilltops islands in the Sea of Fitzal. Braleet have one large leaf shoot, with a top surface covered in a thick water-proof covering. The tip of the leaf points in the direction of water flow, deflecting the current up and over the plant. The mandrian may hide under a particularly large braleet, using the leaf as an umbrella of sorts. While the habitat of the braleet is rarely dry, during these rare occasions the berries that are located underneath the leaf dry, fall off, and root on the rock face. The small conshahawkun creatures that live in the mountain also consume the berries.

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  1. An interesting note here, dear sir... The mandarin living in the lake often use the carcasses of eyeseatoners filled with braleet berries to collect conshahawkun from their habitat in the caves.

    I have taken culinary inspiration from this and if you remember, created a dish where I bake the braleet berries stuffed inside an eyeseatoner. The berries are rather tart, so I use a simple sweet boolgook glaze to add sweetness. A most inspired dessert!