Sunday, December 18, 2011

A comment on kis

As a response to my recent discussion about the ki, my good friend, Biblooo, of the esteemed House of Okko, stopped by to comment. Like his father, Biblooo enjoys a bit of an adventure, and out in the wilds of Crutonia most of all. He thought it a bit harsh to refer to these ki as crass creatures. I thought, my dear citizens, that you would enjoy his tale, so I include it below.

From Biblooo: “I was enjoying a hike in the Mushroom forest, looking about for interesting things. Alas, I was too curious for my own good, and I found myself quite lost. After a rather extensive search to find my prior trail, I found myself discovered by a clan of ki. While intrigued to encounter these primitives, I was also somewhat concerned for my safety. After a tense first contact, the kis slowly warmed up to me once they became convinced them that I meant no harm. Instead of having to brave the Crutonian night alone and in the elements, the ki invited me back to their home. Rather than being crude or uncivilized savages, I found that these creatures are warm and welcoming hosts. I was introduced to their Chief, Chitchat, and her mate Bullyrag. Chitchat told me some glorious tales of her clan’s adventures while we dined over fresh roast beast."

"While it was evident that Chitchat is a strong and fearless leader, she is not without a soft tender side that she shared readily to her tribemates and her five young kits. In the morning, my new ki friends helped me find my way back to Cruton, along with beads and fruits as parting gifts.”

So, I will temper my earlier statements in respect of my friend Biblooo. Kis are not completely crass


  1. Thank you kind Liege, I am glad to have assisted you in setting the record straight on these Ki! Though they may not live as we do, you must not forget that they too are loyal subjects... we cannot forget their assistance against The Pits in her attempt at your throne!

  2. Ki's are very important and thank you for adding Chitchat and Bullyrag into your beautiful story.