Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grevoldo Gloop and Grevoldo’s Grotto

As I mentioned earlier, Grevoldo Gloop is one of the residents of note in the Bungaliville area. As you can see by the map, however, it can be argued that he is just outside this city, since his establishment (Grevoldo’s Grotto) is across the river on the face of Aquarius Mountain. Details, details. I believe that Grevoldo picked this location since it has the advantages of being close to a town with all of the conveniences that come with it, while being remote enough so that his guests are able to have their privacy too if that is what they desire.

Grevoldo is, like Quenterindy Quirk and Luvusious Lorp mentioned prior, a member of the Alphbetta elite. It is of no surprise, then, that he is an excellent business fellow. He is the proprietor of the upscale Grevoldo’s Grotto. The Grotto is an Inn and a restaurant, and many of the most influential Crutonians stay as guests at the Grotto during the annual Flumpé as well as year round. This luxury resort has many amenities, with luxurious rooms and gourmet meals. I always enjoy my stay!


  1. Grevoldo's is always a fantastic place to stay... but I have to say that last time I was there there were some unusual guests. Rather classless I would say, but they were guests of my dear "cousin" Yibberdo, so what can you really say?

    It was a meek looking sxervian frog, a ki, and Xurinixu Xuisiux... a doubtful guest at any time. They caused a bit of a stir from what I could tell but worst of all seemed to aggravate poor Grevoldo. I am afraid that the service was a bit off for the rest of the week. I don't really hold old Gloop responsible, but still he ought to see that he isn't bringing down the atmosphere that he has worked so hard to create.

  2. Yanx here... I do apologize if my little friends lent an air of unposhness to your stay Wethrbuld. By the way if you happen to see them around, I would appreciate it if you let me know their whereabouts. They, uh, owe me a small debt. You understand, I am sure.

  3. Alas dear Yibberdo I have not seen any of them since that weekend, but I will keep an eye out... oh! and I will ask Jerome if he has seen them too.