Sunday, December 25, 2011


The lovely city of Bungaliville is situated on the bank of Mandrian Lake. Bungaliville is one of Crutonia’s larger settlements, and has modified Cruton-style mushroom architecture, with tall towers and balconies. The residents are a mix of different creatures as is typical of my larger towns, but with a majority of Bungalians being bungali. The architecture really suits the bungali, with their fondness for skirt gliding. The good citizens of Bungaliville specialize in the manufacture of a number of important exports, such as refined sugar and confections, conshabrine, wailer oil, as well as the tourist and entertainment trade. Bungaliville is a truly delightful place to vacation! Many visitors come to simply take in the scenery, or visit the nearby coast. For the die-hard vacationer, Grevoldo’s Grotto, situated across the lake on the side of Aquarius Mountain, is one of Crutonia’s most exclusive resorts. The city also has excellent marketplaces of items from all over Crutonia, and there are a number of restaurants, antique stores, and Inns.

The big event in Bungaliville is the Flumpé, the annual migration of the Flumps to the Crutonian Gulf to spawn. There is a nice view from Grevoldo’s Grotto, as well from the river and lakefronts. While the migration of the flumps only takes place during their season, there are many flumps and it takes a while. Lots to see. Bungaliville is very convenient, with plenty of fine hotels, the finest being closest to the lake for prime flump-watching or with great views of the waterways.There are a lot of fine restaurants in town too, and although I prefer our Cruton cuisine there is plenty for a king to enjoy in Bungaliville as well. Seafood is a big specialty in Bungaliville, including Conshahawkun dishes, Bunwailey fish, smeek steak, and lumpling dumplings. Trampleen steak is a local favorite and specialty. There are also a wide variety of exquisite and sugary desserts. I suggest the Café Conshahawkun!

There are several residents of note in Bungaliville, including their elected leader, Mayor Zumblefritz. There is also the Bremné family, Swök (a journalist for the Banana Peel), his lovely wife Flancy Lubbit, son Nestildn and daughter Avikka. In addition, there is the esteemed Grovoldo Gloop, who is the proprietor a high-end spa just across from downtown proper, called Grovoldo’s Grotto.


  1. Excellent post on our dear town, Sire! I was just thinking it had bee quite a while since we had the honor of your presence at our humble establishment! Maybe you could make it for the Flumpee this year? Let me know and I will make all the arrangements!

  2. Here Here! My Flumpee minister, Flork Hupwik, reports that the flume colony on Flumphaven was very prolific this year! Please do come down for the return migration... there will be plenty of flumpling dumplings for all!