Monday, December 26, 2011

Creature of the week...Bungali!

The bungali folk are commonly found populating several of my Crutonian cities and towns, with a large population inhabiting Bungaliville. While these modern bungali occupy almost every area of Crutonian society, I believe that they previously lived in tribal villages located in rocky areas near cliffs. As recounted in stories by several of my bungali associates, they would lure stampedes and trampleens off of these overhangs. With the aid of their membranous skirts they would float gently to the ground while the beasts splattered on the rocks below. A banquet of tenderized meat for the whole village, I would say! I asked them why they have, for the most part, abandoned their hunting pasts; they replied that the dangerous risk from possible garbidgekan and scabee predators waiting below eventually led many to abandon this lifestyle in exchange for the simplicity of city life. However, they still enjoy skirt parachuting and often build very tall houses with balconies to continue this activity.

Most of the bungali I know live in extended families within the same house, and often live in their places of business. I find these citizens to be less glib than most, and tend to be good listeners. I bet it is for this reason that I enjoy the council of many bungali on my staff!

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