Saturday, December 31, 2011

Conshahawkun – creatures of wet, slimy caves

Conshahawun, small creatures with a coiled shell, inhabit the crevasses of the Aquarius Mountain. They are opportunistic feeders, and will eat the slime that accumulates in the cave, as well as vegetation and anything else they can find; even their own eggs are on the menu. The eggs of the conshahawkun, called conshabrine, are laid in direct proportion to the amount of food consumed. Over time, the conshabrine develops a hard shell in which the conshahawkun grows. While these creatures are quite prolific in their egg laying, population explosions are kept in check by heavy predation and cannibalism. As previously mentioned, the elusians and the mandrians both have conshabrine in their diets. There are also several excellent gourmet dishes that utilize the conshawkun and their brine. I know that Grevoldo has several appetizers and entrée selections available.

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